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If you follow my blog you know that I’m currently developing my boudoir portfolio. Though I’ve only got a few of these shoots under my belt, it’s already becoming clear that having the right attitude is the key to getting the best result.

Here are five simple tips that, when truly embraced, will result in some absolutely stunning images.

  1. Go with a natural look.

I specialize in outdoor boudoir. To me nature is feminine and beautiful – a setting that really works for boudoir. So avoid getting a fresh hair cut or spray tan just before your session. It’s best to let beauty treatments settle in for a couple days before your shoot in order to get an effortlessly sexy result.

  1. Talk yourself up, not down.

This advice is easy to give but tough to follow. I always catch myself criticizing my hair or my skin or my flat tush. And unfortunately I’m not the only one. I think this is a bad habit most women have. But negative self-talk will make you feel and look awkward on set. Before the shoot listen to a song that pumps you up and makes you feel sexy (Kung Fu Fighting does it for me).  Or just look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how hot and awesome you are!

  1. Keep an open-mind.

We’ll try different spots, props and poses in order to get the best possible shots. Sometimes the sexiest pose is not always the most comfortable one. Try to keep an open-mind and go with the flow. Trying new things is the best way to get those fun, unique images.

  1. Trust your photographer.

Make sure you feel safe and comfortable with your photographer whether it’s me or someone else. Let me know what your favorite and least favorite looks and body parts are, if there’s anything that’s a no-go, etc. Once you’ve communicated your preferences you need to be able to relax and have fun. I will try tons of different poses and ideas during our shoot together. Some of them may not work so well but others will turn out to be absolutely gorgeous. It’s your photographer’s job to edit and provide you with the most beautiful images from the shoot.

  1. Just relax!

Posing for a photo is a little uncomfortable. Posing practically naked for a photo is a whole other thing entirely. When you feel yourself getting a little self-conscious, unsure or even just cold, take a breath and remember to relax and have fun. The result will be naturally sexy every time.


Outdoor Boudoir – Mesa, Arizona


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This was my second outdoor boudoir session. I had really wanted to try out this great new location at a run down motel close to where I live so I was super happy when this gorgeous girl was game to give it try with me.

It was definitely a more high traffic location for this type of shoot, which made it a bit of a challenge to keep it private and work around the cars and a few of the people who live behind the motel. But even with those challenges, I really love the rustic look of the location, how amazing this girl looked, and the cool shots we got from that day.

The images with the cigarette toward the end of this post were some of my absolute favorites. I thought they had a really “film noir” vibe and I just love how they turned out!


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Outdoor Boudoir Session – Mesa, Arizona


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At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to give outdoor boudoir a try. I’ve always loved photographing women during past shoots and boudoir is one of the best ways to do a shoot completely focused on the amazing woman who hired me! While I knew I wanted to do boudoir, I really didn’t like the look of the indoor boudoir style, shoots inside hotel rooms, etc. For me, those images just didn’t even compare to the outdoor boudoir images I researched. Sure, I’ve seen some fantastic boudoir in a nice hotel room filled with natural light, but I’m less inspired by those images and that’s what ultimately led me to give “outdoor” boudoir a try.

I ended up emailing a few women who I’ve enjoyed working with in the past and took on six volunteer models to experiment outdoor boudoir shoots with. I wanted to get a little practice, build a portfolio, and make sure I liked doing these types of sessions before I started offering them to clients. Well, turns out I LOVE them! This gorgeous girl was one of my models and her shoot turned out exactly how I was hoping it would! Her hair and makeup looked stunning and I love the vibrant red outfit she picked. It went perfectly with the abandoned building location. This girl also has friends in the military, and it was a unique and fun idea to use the dog tag and the cap to show her support and well wishes for those who are serving our country.

Something kind of hilarious (but at the time horrifying) happened during this session. We totally had a run in with the cops! I’d been to this location multiple times for past shoots so I didn’t think we’d have any trouble, however, about 30 minutes into this session, we saw a cop car pull up. My heart dropped and I’m pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack! I couldn’t believe this was happening during one of my sessions!

Luckily the cops were pretty nice and simply made us leave, and luckily my model wasn’t too freaked out to keep going, but I had to come up with another solution on the fly. So we headed over to a different spot about five minutes away and finished up with some final images over there.

Even though I have to cross off this cool abandoned building from my list of locations, I’m pretty thrilled I got some awesome outdoor boudoir shots with this beautiful girl before that happened!

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Outdoor Boudoir Session – Mesa, Arizona


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I’m so excited to announce I’ve officially started shooting outdoor boudoir sessions!

I did my first ever outdoor boudoir session last month after this gorgeous girl contacted me to set one up. She was getting married soon and wanted to give the images to her fiancé as a gift on their wedding day. There were a lot of factors surrounding this shoot that made this girl a pretty cool chick in my eyes. First off, she was down to do an early sunrise session (I don’t usually get a lot of takers for those) and the day we did it was on a pretty chilly morning in February!  Not only was it super early and a bit cold out, but it also takes a brave girl to try boudoir in the first place, and an even braver one to do it outdoors! The early morning sunshine was gorgeous and I just adore all of the images we got from her session! It was definitely quite the challenge to pick my favorites for this post!

This was such a fun session and a total success! After this shoot, I’m so excited to do more boudoir!

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Dana & Teague



And last but not least! Here’s Dana & Teague’s shoot that we did last Fall for their one year wedding anniversary! Dana is the youngest sister to Jackie and Liz, whose sessions I’ve all blogged back to back now!

Dana is the whole reason I got to know and photograph this entire crew. She’s a speech pathologist who went to ASU with my husband, Kyle. She’s also who got Kyle his first speech gig so needless to say, she’s a pretty cool chick in our eyes. I met her a little while ago around the time when we were both getting married and she was even able to come to our wedding! Through doing photo shoots with Dana, Teague, and their family, I feel lucky that I’ve gotten to know them pretty well because they really are a great couple, so at ease with each other and obviously in love!

One reason this session was awesome was that Dana and Teague brought so many cool props with them to the shoot. How sa-weeet is that old school car?! I’m completely challenged when it comes to car knowledge so I’m not sure what it is, but if I could drive it, I totally would. And believe it or not, Teague was actually the artist behind the kite! You know it’s love when your man will straight up craft you a kite for your one year anniversary shoot! Bonus points for Teague! (And they let me keep it so that was also pretty rad as well, Thanks guys!)

We had such a fun shoot that day. I loved the location, the gorgeous sunset, and spending time with this amazing couple!

Well that about wraps up my little “sisters” series here on the blog!

Click here to see her sister Liz’s shoot and here to see her sister Jackie’s shoot. Enjoy!

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Liz, Mike & Blaize


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This past Fall season, I photographed three sisters each with their own little families. Liz is the middle sister to Jackie and Dana. I thought it was pretty neat how this happened so I wanted to blog each session back to back!

This was an early sunrise shoot at an orchard in Mesa. Mike’s parents also came along for the shoot to help get little Blaize to smile and look at me, and they honestly did a fantastic job. Two is a difficult age to photograph but it was a breeze with his grandparents nearby to make him laugh! I loved all the different expressions we got from Blaize that day. He’s just such a cutie with his big brown eyes!

Liz also brought an awesome vintage chair that she found at a thrift store to the shoot and we were able to get some great shots with that. I love it when people want to bring their own props to shoots! It’s always refreshing to photograph something new 🙂

Overall this was a wonderful shoot. Liz, Mike, and Blaize are so cute and fun together and I had a blast photographing this crew!

P.S. During our session, I remember commenting how all three sisters look alike during the shoot, and Mike said that Liz is the piece that ties Dana and Jackie together, which is totally true!

See for yourself and click here to see Jackie’s session. Stay tuned for Dana’s shoot on the blog tomorrow! Yay!

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Jackie, Donnie & Elena


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Even though this session took place a few months ago, I still wanted to get it up on the blog for a few different reasons.

First off, I loved this holiday session because of the very last photo on the blog! Seriously, scroll down now. I loved a lot of the photos we got from this day, but how adorable is the one at the bottom of Elena! One of my all time favorites right there!

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with this awesome family a few times before and I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them through photography. Jackie is so crafty and makes the most precious headbands and necklaces for Elena. Donnie is pretty hilarious and is always making off color jokes during our sessions, one about baby Elena not being able to “put down the grass” specifically comes to mind. Ha! And little Elena was my very first baby model back when I first started photography. I took her photos when she was only three months and now she’s over a year old! It’s always hard for me to grasp how quickly kids grow up in less than a year!

Last Fall, I realized a pretty cool thing happened. Jackie is the oldest of three sisters and I did photo sessions with each one of these beautiful sisters within just a few months of each other. So I’m planning on featuring their sessions back to back on my blog!

I have two sisters myself and they’re truly my best friends which is why it’s especially cool for me to get to photograph sisters. It reminds me of my own and how much I love them!

Through spending time with this family, it’s apparent how important family is to them and I’m truly grateful to know them and have them as clients!

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Lauren & Amir’s Wedding at The Wright House


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Lauren and Amir’s beautiful wedding was at The Wright House in Mesa, AZ.  I used to drive by this gorgeous venue very single day on my commute to my other job, and I’ve wanted to photograph there since I first noticed it. Which is why I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to second shoot there with Anna Marisol Photography for this lovely couple’s wedding day!

Anna Marisol photographed my own wedding and ever since then, we’ve become close photographer friends. She’s such a wonderful and talented person and I’m grateful to be able to call her a friend and a mentor. Anna and I have worked together a few times and just like at this wedding, it’s always a fantastic experience.

Lauren and Amir were such a happy couple and a pleasure to work with. The sun set beautifully during their ceremony, the bridal party was energetic and fun, and everyone was raging out on the dance floor all night long!

So fun to be a part of this couple’s special day! Thanks for having me along Anna 🙂

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Lauren & Anthony Downtown Phoenix Engagement Shoot


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Lauren and Anthony are getting married this Spring at one of the best restaurants, Cibo, in downtown Phoenix so it seemed only fitting to do their engagement shoot downtown as well! This was the first time I’ve done a session here and I really enjoyed the urban feel of it. There are a ton of cool graffiti walls, street art, and buildings to work with and because of that we were able to capture a nice variety of different looks as we roamed around the area.

Lauren and Anthony are both fellow photographers and it was fun to bond over that shared passion as well. We could all definitely relate to the awkward feeling of not being the one in control of the camera! Nonetheless, these two were so adorable with each other during their shoot and I just loved how it turned out!

Lauren and Anthony are such a sweet, laid back, and overall fantastic pair and I just know their wedding in April is going to be absolutely awesome! I can’t wait for it!

Congrats Lauren & Anthony!

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