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I absolutely love everything about this photo session with Coco and her baby sister, London. For starters, how amazing are their names? So cool! I loved photographing Coco’s wild and rambunctious personality. Her curiosity with the world around her and how sweet she and London were together reminded me of how free and exciting it is to be a kid.

I do have to admit, I used to be pretty nervous going into a photo session that involved a two year old. It very well may be the most difficult age to photograph because two year olds truly have a mind of their own. Most two year olds don’t want to listen to some random stranger tell them what to do. However, after this photo session with the unbelievably adorable Coco, I completely got over my fear of photographing two year olds. I realized age two is actually a really cool one and if you just go with the flow and let ’em do their thing, the results will be totally worth it.

P.S. Coco and London’s dad pitched for ASU’s baseball team, which is where the cute little jersey and the baseball come in. Pretty neat!

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