Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Veronica’s pajama disco themed 8th birthday.

I have a confession to make. Veronica’s party was not my first rendezvous working a kid’s birthday party. While it’s been many years since I’ve “worked” a birthday party (and I truly never thought I’d be back at a kid’s birthday party) I had some of my very first work experience in this field. My Mom just so happens to be a professional kid’s party entertainer. Meaning she dresses up like clowns, Disney princesses, Pooh Bear, and more. You name it, she’s got it.

Naturally, my very first job was face painting at my Mom’s birthday parties. I started doing this when I was about ten years old. And not to brag or anything but I was actually pretty good at it. Still, I was a really shy kid so it was super awkward for me. But the 20 dollars my Mom used to give me was a real treat at that age. As we grew older, my younger sister would actually work entire parties for my Mom. She’d dress up like the characters and everything. A couple times my Mom asked me if I wanted to do it but it just wasn’t really my thing and I never ended up revisiting that career path.

Up until last weekend, I honestly never pictured myself back in the birthday party biz. Now here I am, over 15 years later, at a birthday party. But this time it’s doing something I love – taking photos of kids.

Veronica and her friends are super cute and were hilarious to watch. There was a piñata, tons of 70s style dancing, red velvet cake, Hello Kitty presents…basically an 8 year old’s heaven!

All in all, Veronica’s party ended up being a pretty cool experience. I’d definitely love to photograph more kids’ birthdays in the future.

So even though I didn’t inherit my mom’s passion for being the main entertainer at kid’s parties, it’s kind of neat how I found another way to enter this scene that really works for me.

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