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Usually I’m not so thrilled about last minute cancellations. Filling an empty slot on short notice is usually a long shot. That’s why I was so happy when Christy said she was available to take over the time slot for her photo family shoot.

There are certain sessions that I especially love, even though I can’t quite place the exact reason why. Maybe it’s because there are just so many reasons why the shoot was awesome. Either way, this was definitely one of those sessions.

I loved the location and the beautiful sunlight that came through that day. Christy, Mike, Hailey, and Jaxxon were so sweet and fun to photograph. They were completely at ease with each other and that familiarity really came through in the images.

Not to mention, Christy is absolutely gorgeous and her daughter Hailey was a dream to photograph. She’s so pretty with her grey/blue eyes and freckles! I also loved adorable, chubby Jaxxon in his little overalls. Basically, this entire family is completely adorable and a breeze to work with.

It’s hard to believe this session almost didn’t happen, but I’m so thrilled that it did!

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