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A couple months ago I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet couple at one of my favorite locations. Josh and Kelsey are high school sweethearts. They both moved to Arizona for college at ASU, where Josh plays baseball for the Sun Devils.

This couple was so much fun to work with. Josh has such a silly personality which made the shoot feel very natural and easy. Plus, I loved how Kelsey would chime in with her own funny, sarcastic comments. There were even times during the shoot when they would do the exact same thing naturally, without me coaching them at all! It was so cute!

You can tell these two have so much fun together. And not only do they have awesome personalities, they are also super photogenic! Josh and Kelsey are getting married in New Mexico and I’m definitely jealous of the lucky photographer who gets to photograph the big event! No doubt will be a wonderful, beautiful wedding for a wonderful, beautiful couple.

Congratulations Josh and Kelsey!

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