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I love sisters and I love kids’ birthdays so this shoot was an awesome opportunity to put some of my favorite things together.

You might remember these adorable little girls from the Easter shoot I did with them earlier this year. For this particular shoot, baby Ashlyn was turning one and I had the opportunity to get some great birthday shots of the little cutie.

The birthday girl Ashlyn was absolutely hilarious during her shoot. For starters, how amazing is that little whale spout? And I loved that she was so entertained by the pearls and cake. It’s like she knew exactly what to do for the camera. I swear, sometimes I think these babies can read my mind!

The twins Madelyn and Kameryn are always a breeze to photograph. Plus, they are really into their baby sister which made it easy to capture the sweet shots. Speaking from personal experience, sisters are the best and Ashlyn is lucky to have such wonderful older siblings to look up to.

We did this shoot at a beautifully wild location that has been partially torn down. I’m bummed this location won’t be around for much longer, but at least I was able to get a few amazing shoots like Ashlyn’s in while I still had the chance!

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