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This little cutie’s name is Maverick and in just a couple weeks he will turn one year old! Maverick is a ridiculously cute kid. I loved his hair and outfits. There’s no denying this baby has some serious style. Maverick has a great personality to match. He’s curious but also pretty chilled out. I don’t remember him crying even once during the shoot (well, despite the one photo here where he looks a little angry, haha). Plus, it’s also pretty cool that Maverick and I are both Virgos! I mean, let’s be honest, Virgos are kind of amazing 😉

During the shoot, we were also able to take some family photos, which I’m really thankful for because Maverick’s parents are super cute just like him! It’s quite clear how much his parents adore him. I loved the sweet moments captured between Maverick and his mom and dad. So precious!

The sunset, location, and loving energy of this beautiful family all made for one amazing shoot. It’s photo projects like this that confirm how completely awesome my job is.

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