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This shoot was a really cool one for me for a few different reasons.

Erin’s mom used to babysit me and my siblings when we were little and she was by far the coolest baby sitter around. We were pretty close to this family growing up and when I got older, I even babysat Erin and her sister a few times.

Here’s a photo of her that I took with a little disposable back in the day. She was and still is completely cute!


In addition to being cute (and really smart), Erin’s also a talented photographer so I felt totally honored to be the one to do her senior session.

And this shoot was so fun.

I love how natural and pretty Erin is and how she was up for anything during the shoot. She was completely game to take pictures at this awesome abandoned building and wasn’t bothered at all by bugs or the still super hot September heat in Arizona. Getting to work one on one with Erin and catch up with her on life and photography made for an overall great experience.

Erin’s shoot confirmed that senior sessions are something I hope to do a lot more of in the future.

Have a blast in college Erin! It’s an exciting time and I know you’re gonna love it 🙂

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