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About a year ago I had the opportunity to photograph Chloe and Christian and their shoot ended up being one of my favorites of the year. So this year when I was called to do a session with the whole sweet family, I was extremely thrilled! Chloe and Christian are honestly such sweet kids. Every time I gave them a compliment during the shoot, they very politely said thank you in return. Not only are they a breeze to work with, but as a photographer, it’s also really cool to work with the same kids every year because I get to see them grow up!

Last year Marla did their family portraits in a grove and this year she was looking for a little something different. We decided on the Mesa Art Museum for a different kind of vibe. While I tend to be drawn to natural settings, the Museum was definitely a unique and fun place to shoot. There were tons of different structures and colorful walls to work with. I will definitely be adding the Mesa Art Museum to my list of photography session locations.

It was so fun this time around to photograph the whole family! You can certainly feel their fun and loving energy in the photos of them all together 🙂

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