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Megan and Matt are high school sweethearts. They met the first day of school Freshman year in a class they had together. Although Megan said she noticed Matt right away, Matt explained that “it took her well over a year to get his attention…but she hasn’t lost it since.” Too sweet!

Fast forward to just a couple month’s ago when I had the privilege of photographing Megan and Matt’s wedding at their home in Phoenix. It was a gorgeous November day, the weather was perfect, and Megan and Matt were a super fun and laid back couple to work with! They made me feel so welcome in their home and even had Dr. Pepper available for their guests (and photographer)! So obviously I think these two are pretty awesome!

I love getting to spend time with couples on their wedding day because it’s such a joyful event for everyone involved and this wedding was no exception. The entire day was filled with fun, sweet, and touching, moments to capture and it was so cool to be a part of that. Just spend a bit of time with these two, and you can see how much they truly love each other.

Congratulations on your marriage Megan and Matt! You guys are awesome!

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