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Even though this session took place a few months ago, I still wanted to get it up on the blog for a few different reasons.

First off, I loved this holiday session because of the very last photo on the blog! Seriously, scroll down now. I loved a lot of the photos we got from this day, but how adorable is the one at the bottom of Elena! One of my all time favorites right there!

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with this awesome family a few times before and I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them through photography. Jackie is so crafty and makes the most precious headbands and necklaces for Elena. Donnie is pretty hilarious and is always making off color jokes during our sessions, one about baby Elena not being able to “put down the grass” specifically comes to mind. Ha! And little Elena was my very first baby model back when I first started photography. I took her photos when she was only three months and now she’s over a year old! It’s always hard for me to grasp how quickly kids grow up in less than a year!

Last Fall, I realized a pretty cool thing happened. Jackie is the oldest of three sisters and I did photo sessions with each one of these beautiful sisters within just a few months of each other. So I’m planning on featuring their sessions back to back on my blog!

I have two sisters myself and they’re truly my best friends which is why it’s especially cool for me to get to photograph sisters. It reminds me of my own and how much I love them!

Through spending time with this family, it’s apparent how important family is to them and I’m truly grateful to know them and have them as clients!

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