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This past Fall season, I photographed three sisters each with their own little families. Liz is the middle sister to Jackie and Dana. I thought it was pretty neat how this happened so I wanted to blog each session back to back!

This was an early sunrise shoot at an orchard in Mesa. Mike’s parents also came along for the shoot to help get little Blaize to smile and look at me, and they honestly did a fantastic job. Two is a difficult age to photograph but it was a breeze with his grandparents nearby to make him laugh! I loved all the different expressions we got from Blaize that day. He’s just such a cutie with his big brown eyes!

Liz also brought an awesome vintage chair that she found at a thrift store to the shoot and we were able to get some great shots with that. I love it when people want to bring their own props to shoots! It’s always refreshing to photograph something new 🙂

Overall this was a wonderful shoot. Liz, Mike, and Blaize are so cute and fun together and I had a blast photographing this crew!

P.S. During our session, I remember commenting how all three sisters look alike during the shoot, and Mike said that Liz is the piece that ties Dana and Jackie together, which is totally true!

See for yourself and click here to see Jackie’s session. Stay tuned for Dana’s shoot on the blog tomorrow! Yay!

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