And last but not least! Here’s Dana & Teague’s shoot that we did last Fall for their one year wedding anniversary! Dana is the youngest sister to Jackie and Liz, whose sessions I’ve all blogged back to back now!

Dana is the whole reason I got to know and photograph this entire crew. She’s a speech pathologist who went to ASU with my husband, Kyle. She’s also who got Kyle his first speech gig so needless to say, she’s a pretty cool chick in our eyes. I met her a little while ago around the time when we were both getting married and she was even able to come to our wedding! Through doing photo shoots with Dana, Teague, and their family, I feel lucky that I’ve gotten to know them pretty well because they really are a great couple, so at ease with each other and obviously in love!

One reason this session was awesome was that Dana and Teague brought so many cool props with them to the shoot. How sa-weeet is that old school car?! I’m completely challenged when it comes to car knowledge so I’m not sure what it is, but if I could drive it, I totally would. And believe it or not, Teague was actually the artist behind the kite! You know it’s love when your man will straight up craft you a kite for your one year anniversary shoot! Bonus points for Teague! (And they let me keep it so that was also pretty rad as well, Thanks guys!)

We had such a fun shoot that day. I loved the location, the gorgeous sunset, and spending time with this amazing couple!

Well that about wraps up my little “sisters” series here on the blog!

Click here to see her sister Liz’s shoot and here to see her sister Jackie’s shoot. Enjoy!

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