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At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to give outdoor boudoir a try. I’ve always loved photographing women during past shoots and boudoir is one of the best ways to do a shoot completely focused on the amazing woman who hired me! While I knew I wanted to do boudoir, I really didn’t like the look of the indoor boudoir style, shoots inside hotel rooms, etc. For me, those images just didn’t even compare to the outdoor boudoir images I researched. Sure, I’ve seen some fantastic boudoir in a nice hotel room filled with natural light, but I’m less inspired by those images and that’s what ultimately led me to give “outdoor” boudoir a try.

I ended up emailing a few women who I’ve enjoyed working with in the past and took on six volunteer models to experiment outdoor boudoir shoots with. I wanted to get a little practice, build a portfolio, and make sure I liked doing these types of sessions before I started offering them to clients. Well, turns out I LOVE them! This gorgeous girl was one of my models and her shoot turned out exactly how I was hoping it would! Her hair and makeup looked stunning and I love the vibrant red outfit she picked. It went perfectly with the abandoned building location. This girl also has friends in the military, and it was a unique and fun idea to use the dog tag and the cap to show her support and well wishes for those who are serving our country.

Something kind of hilarious (but at the time horrifying) happened during this session. We totally had a run in with the cops! I’d been to this location multiple times for past shoots so I didn’t think we’d have any trouble, however, about 30 minutes into this session, we saw a cop car pull up. My heart dropped and I’m pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack! I couldn’t believe this was happening during one of my sessions!

Luckily the cops were pretty nice and simply made us leave, and luckily my model wasn’t too freaked out to keep going, but I had to come up with another solution on the fly. So we headed over to a different spot about five minutes away and finished up with some final images over there.

Even though I have to cross off this cool abandoned building from my list of locations, I’m pretty thrilled I got some awesome outdoor boudoir shots with this beautiful girl before that happened!

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